Life is a journey, not a destination…live well.

At the core, our focus is health, wellness and beauty. As we unpack those areas, it causes us to look at our values; it forces us to tackle problems with hope for resolve; and it invokes us to change. Where do I start? Do I have to do this alone? Will I get what I want? Am I enough…?
Grab our hand, let’s walk this out together.


Your hair and skin matter, too.

When we think about life we usually think about leaving a legacy for our children, living out our passion, establishing great relationships… but do you consider what you put on your hair and skin?

We offer natural and organic personal care products because we care about what goes ON your body, not just what goes in it. We take time to make them by hand, we’ve researched the ingredients, and we use them ourselves.

Don’t neglect what may seem insignificant to you. Try a product today.

Most trial-size products can be purchased for only $5.00. Our products are made without sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, petroleum, mineral oil, or artificial colors.

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Health and wellness for the community? Yes, please.

When those around you are living well, it fosters a better sense of community. We have a desire to see our communities thriving, prospering and united.

Let’s not wait until the next town hall to talk about the health of your community.

How can my community be healthy?

LifeSpeaks: the LifeOrganics blog

We, and our community, have a lot to say. Here is an excerpt:

Sometimes we don’t slow down enough to recognize that things are not functioning optimally. We don’t feel the breakdown of good habits, relationships, partnerships and sometimes just plain good sense. Then, the BREAKDOWN happens! Seems like it’s from out of nowhere, but there were signs!!

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Make yourself a priority.

What good is it to help everyone else and neglect yourself?

Sometimes you need a moment. A chance to figure out a different rhythm. Realign your priorities. An opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sometimes we give and pour out to everyone else, but ourselves.

How are you going to make YOU a priority?

Because we’re intentional about this, we’re instituting #PrioritizingMe days! These are days designed to help you relax, refresh and recharge.

The next scheduled #PrioritizingMe days are: June 17, July 15, and August 19.

You don’t have to wait until a #PrioritizingMe day to share your #selfcare moments! Tweet us @lifeorganics or tag us on Instagram (@lifeorganics) one thing you plan to incorporate to put yourself higher in your priority queue. Use the hashtags #lifeorganics #prioritizingme #selfcare and we’ll celebrate with you!

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