Living WellBy: lifeorganics | May 04 2016

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There is ongoing debate on what to look for in “natural” products, why they are necessary, and on and on. We can talk about ‘all-natural’ vs. ‘organic,’ laws, and any number of controversial topics with regard to healthy living. However, this time around I want to discuss choices. What does it boil down to? How can we, in this societal climate, live our best lives? Does that mean eating strictly organically, a rigorous exercise regimen, and taking 3 vacations a year? Not necessarily. Does that mean no meat, carbs or fats? Nope. Does it mean buying only expensive items and products? Absolutely not. So then… what does it look like? Well, you really have to decide what route is best for you to take. We have to step back and take a holistic view of our lives to ensure we are living well.

Living well. For some, that may mean “de-stressing” and getting rid of negative people, environments or mindsets. For some it may mean cutting out (or down) on certain types of fats, fried and junk foods. And yet for others it may simply mean paring down to the simple things in life. Making sure we get enough rest at night, laughing… a lot, eating several well-balanced meals a day, and filling up on the comfort of close relationships and love of family.

We must get to the root of these modes of thinking and eradicate them!  God’s intended design for each and every one of us is beautiful and wonderful!  He created “us” in His image, so that means we are powerful, unique, creative individuals.  We may have walked away from that image, and allowed other “stuff” to redefine who we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to act, how we choose to wear our hair, our style of clothing, or even the path we choose in life.  Conversely, if upbringing, home influences, or peers were unfavorable towards us, we have the power to break that cycle and start fresh!  It starts with a decision.  We can form new habits, take new routes, surround ourselves with positive friends, and determine to “upgrade” our next phase of life!

Take a look at everyone around you. Take inventory of the things you have. Take stock of your successes… and failures. Consider where you have been… and where you are going. Are you where you want to be? Have you made the progress you thought you would in life? Are you making meaningful, significant contributions to humanity? Are you fulfilled and, most importantly, are you enjoying the journey? If you cannot say “Yes!” to any or all of these questions, what are you going to do about it?

Make up your mind… and stick to it. Make a change– one at a time– and find yourself living well one choice at a time.


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