When Dysfunction is the NormBy: lifeorganics | May 04 2016

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This past week has been one filled with many life lessons. The one that resonated most with me is about my truck, my Gray baby who had to spend a few days in the Car Hospital (CaRx). When I got it back and started driving, I came to a very startling realization. Well, several actually. One, my truck’s driveshaft had been malfunctioning for a LONG time and I never paid attention!! Two, I was so used to the dysfunction, that I didn’t recognize how bad it had gotten. And finally, it was strange to have my truck not make noise or abruptly go into gear.

How is this a life lesson? Sometimes we don’t slow down enough to recognize that things are not functioning optimally. We don’t feel the breakdown of good habits, relationships, partnerships and sometimes just plain good sense. Then, the BREAKDOWN happens! Seems like it’s from out of nowhere, but there were signs!! These signs can be easily overlooked because we are so busy doing life… rarely taking time to observe the subtle changes or pay attention to a new sound, voice or tone.  The newness of the dysfunction quickly wears off and becomes the new norm. Then there is the one moment of quietness that happens. That moment when you listen quickly, but closely and you are reminded of the time when that click wasn’t there, when they wouldn’t dare say that to you or treat you that way… you are reminded of the time when you would NEVER injure yourself with your own words!!! You head to the hospital… the shop… your prayer closet… the sofa of your favorite therapist… daddy’s lap or momma’s bosom and you get your therapy, your reminders of how things are supposed to work… before the potholes, noises, snide remarks and sneers. You remember and you smile… your “place” again…. And it’s all new, all over again.

Normalcy seems abnormal and strange because you have embrace dysfunction, lack, and brokenness as the STANDARD.  It takes a minute to adjust to things operating the way they were intended… without the EXTRA stuff. It cost me a LOT of money to get my truck restored to her old purring self, but it was worth it! Whether it take money, alone time, dissolution of relationships, restoration of relationships, whatever the sacrifice, know that it’s worth it all. Jumping in and not hearing a clank or a thud is music to my ears.

Life Lesson: Don’t allow the busyness of life or loud noise of situations to cover up/drown out the signs that things are going awry and heading to a major breakdown.  Stop, listen and act accordingly!


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