Community is what brings us together. We can do health, wellness and beauty together…it doesn’t have to be done alone.

LifeOrganics, Inc. recognizes the importance of acknowledging, celebrating and collaborating with community stakeholders to help educate, empower and engage the community in the areas of health, nutrition, beauty and wellness.

Session themes include:

Health (nutrition, screenings, preventive care information)
Wellness (relaxation techniques, herbal/supplement information, fitness)
Finances (budgeting, credit building/restoration, financial planning)
Education (services, information, guidance, cooking classes)
Community Engagement (neighborhood currency projects, informationals, etc.)

We offer a tiered approach for communication, collaboration and education that is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Events for the Public

These events are usually free (or less than $10 per person) and open to the community at large.

Events for Schools/Organizations

These events are for schools and community/civic organizations and are tailored for targeted groups, specific events and/or extended programs.

Events for Businesses

These events are tailored for businesses that operate in the community and/or are seeking to engage more community partners.

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