Our Story

LifeOrganics, Inc. started in 2008 as a health and wellness company offering natural and organic personal care products. Today, we are a lifestyle brand with an emphasis on health and wellness. We still offer a myriad of natural and organic products, but we’re also about discovery, engagement, and experiencing life to the fullest. Take a moment to learn about our journey.

LifeOrganics started in my kitchen over 8 years ago…

…when my son was dealing with severe allergies, food sensitivities, and eczema. After trying many products the pediatrician recommended, with no relief, I embarked on a journey of research and greater wellness options for our family.

I started creating simple body butters (called “baby butter” at that time) to see if something natural would work better. I reused his cleaned baby food jars and tried different versions of a salve/balm I would make to apply topically when he was miserable and itching. I tried butters, various essentials oils, extracts, etc. and finally found a combination that worked! I officially introduced it to others and started having in-home trials and parties to get feedback.

Since then, we have grown our product lines to include other skin care, spa, and hair care products that are formulated with the same care and dedication to healing and health as my first baby butter was.

Now, almost 9 years later, I am still sharing my solutions and products– from my family to yours. After years of research and testing, we now offer over 60 products and are still growing strong.

I believe that beauty should not be maintained at the expense of your health. This drives our intentional commitment to bring you phenomenal products as well as information and education.

I often consider what we put ON our bodies is as important as what we put IN our bodies. That is why we still produce our formulas in hand-crafted artisan batches to ensure freshness and efficacy. They’re not sitting on a shelf in a dusty warehouse somewhere for months (or years) before you use them.

You deserve the best! Our first tagline, “Outer Beauty. Inner Luxury.” spoke to our desire for you to make yourself a priority. Take charge of your wellness, and we’d love to be a part of that journey! Here’s to your Health… Wellness… and Beauty. Live Well!



We value:


We owe it to our clients to operate with integrity at all times, in every facet of our business. You deserve the best products and the best service—that begins with us as employees.


It’s not just about colors and layouts, but about variety, strategy, and personality. Rather than a rigid black-and-white regimen to follow, it is a dynamic, vibrant way of life.


We’re not perfectionists; we simply desire to say that we gave it our all and now need to refuel. Our best product, our best service, should be the one we provide every time.


People matter, period. We’re in business in part for the people. This journey we’re on isn’t just about one person, but a community of people who look out for each other.


We believe that business is about serving others. To serve, you must be knowledgeable about who you’re serving. Whether it’s through analog or digital means, our business practices will continue to evolve and be improved upon.

We believe:

  • Excellent customer service is the glue that makes this all work
  •  We see a need to create organic solutions for diverse lifestyles
  •  Health and wellness is individual, collective, attainable and holistic
  •  Accurate information empowers people
  •  We are not just advocates of organic eating
  •  Beauty is more than using good personal care products
  •  Life is a journey, not a destination
  •  There is life outside of work

Our guarantee to you:

We are a chemically minimalistic company, so we stay away from “chemicals” that aren’t necessary. Water is, of course, necessary, and so are preservatives.
We do use preservatives, however, they are non-harsh/biodegradable, and safe in order to provide efficacy and a short-term shelf life (9-12 months) for our products. With consistent, regular use, the product bottles are empty long before then. 🙂

About our products:

  • No artificial colors
  • No propylene glycol
  • Sulfate-free (SLS/ALS/SLES)
  • No parabens
  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • No toxic preservatives
  • No petroleum or mineral oil
  • No phthalates, BPA, or BAPA
  • No toxic chemicals or formaldehyde-releasing agents
  • Cruelty-free. No animal testing during manufacturing, development, and testing of products.
  • We use a combination of pure, natural, organic, certified organic, and fair trade ingredients, 98% of which are sourced from local and US-based farmers and vendors.

About our raw ingredients:

  • Green, biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Pure, natural, high-quality ingredients. Fair trade, organically or locally sourced when possible
  • Our botanical oils are hexane free and expeller pressed (certified natural, fair trade, or certified organic where noted)
  • Our essential oils have been steam distilled to retain the highest concentrations of the plant essence.
  • Majority renewable primary products, botanical waxes and oils, herbal extracts, natural/organic essential oils.
  • Our herbal extracts have never been fumigated or irradiated. The flowers are grown organically and are extracted and concentrated into certified organic botanical oils.