Raw Coconut Oil

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Raw Coconut Oil

Raw coconut oil is a powerhouse! Our pure, organic, fair trade coconut oil has a multiplicity of uses...from head to toe! It won't clog pores and has all essential vitamins and nutrients for hair & skin.


As a body moisturizer: Smooth over body after bathing or showering. For hair care: Can be used as a hair mask. Work through strands and rinse out for deeply hydrating treatment. May also be used as a pre-shampoo or hot oil treatment. For troubled areas of scalp or skin, gently massage into affected area until completely absorbed.


certified organic, virgin, fair trade coconut (cocos nucifera) oil


  • 100% Raw, Virgin, Unrefined, Cold Pressed, Certified Organic, and Fair Trade
  • Has not been refined, bleached, or deodorized
  • Antifungal and antibacterial
  • Great for skin or hair!

The oil is semisolid at room temperature, is clear to light yellow in color, and carries a rich “nutty” coconut aroma and taste. Melts when warmer than 76 degrees.

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Processing: Unrefined (Virgin)
Sourced From: Sri Lanka, Philippines, India

What others have to say about coconut oil:

Dr. Joseph Mercola says that coconut oil ” is the smartest choice for cooking, is good for your heart, contains the kind of fat found in mothers’ milk, enhances immunity, and helps with weight loss by stimulating metabolism.”

Dr. Oz says that coconut oil “…is a heart healthy food that helps resist viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and candida; boosts thyroid function; improves blood sugar control and reduces the need for insulin; increases energy and endurance; increases digestion and improves absorption of vitamins; lowers cholesterol; helps control weight; has anti-aging effects; is good for skin and hair; and is quite safe to take in reasonable amounts.”

Others all over the country have reported multiple uses for coconut oil such as a treatment for:

  • hair
  • skin
  • sunburns
  • athlete’s foot
  • nasal allergies
  • wrinkles
  • mosquito bites
  • swelling
  • arthritis
  • eczema and psoriasis
  • heartburn
  • hemorrhoids
  • oil pulling (tooth pain)
  • depression
  • pet odor
  • acne
  • itchy scalp
  • nails
  • cellulite
  • dry skin
  • damaged hair
  • lice


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