Wholesale Plus

Our Wholesale Plus offering was meant for those who only need a little bit of private label with some of the discount of wholesale. It's the best of both worlds! We've seen that some clients already have branding, or already have people in place to handle the fulfillment of their orders, they just need product in bulk quantities without the branding.

Wholesale Plus Options

Wholesale Plus is only offered in full cases (one case = 32 units).

Regular (in cases)


Bulk (in cases)


Wholesale Plus Discounts

You'll notice Wholesale Plus discounts START at 30% off. Contrary to wholesale we don't offer quarter- or half-cases, only whole cases. First time buyers whose orders exceed $2,500 or more, there will be an additional 10% discount incentive off total order.

1 case (32 units)

30% off

2-7 cases (64-224 units)

40% off

8+ cases (256+ units)

50% off

Wholesale or Wholesale Plus?

Which one is best for your needs? Take a moment to view the table below highlighting the features of our offerings.

Feature Wholesale Wholesale Plus
LifeOrganics Stock formulas with LifeOrganics label
LifeOrganics Stock formulas, no label
Product CustomizationFragrance only (2+ gallons)
Products available in Gallons, Pails, Drums
Products available by the case (32 units)
Product Discounts (10%-50%)

Note: label printing, label application, label design, account manager, product formulation, and consultations are not available with either the Wholesale or Wholesale Plus offerings.

What can I do now?

Now that you are more informed about our Wholesale Plus offering, we advise taking one of the following paths:

View our product catalog

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Discover Wholesale

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Complete the wholesale order form

Once you've established what products you'd like to order wholesale, fill out our wholesale order form so that a representative can follow-up with you.

Still thinking through your options?

We understand that you may need a little more time before making a decision. We'd recommend filling out the client interest form to let us know who you are and what you're leaning towards and we can follow-up with you to determine best course of action.

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