Approval Checklist Form

You’ve received your sample tester product(s) recently. Please complete the below checklist in order to approve and/or give feedback for your most recent tester. This determines whether it returns to the lab for further modifications or proceeds into production with your final authorization. Please include any additional requests, comments, or modifications in the “comments” section.

Note: Please review and consider all aspects of product and packaging prior to submitting checklist form. Take sufficient time to give thorough and accurate feedback, because approvals are final once order has begun processing.

For example:

  • Texture
    • Too thin? Too thick?
    • Can it be applied the way I desire?
  • Label(s) printing
    • Edit/proofread
    • Placement
    • Material (matte or glossy)
  • Fragrance
    • Is it too strong? Too light? Just right?
    • Is it the scent I chose?

    Please complete all required fields (*) below. If you have multiple products, please include name, tester number and approval rating.

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    Terms & Conditions

    Once checklist and final order approval have been received, private label order processing will be completed within 15-20 business days and shipped to the mailing address on file. If any changes or updates are needed, the timeline will be extended accordingly.

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