What is the turnaround time for orders?

We have a standard processing time of 7-10 business days for repeat wholesale orders. For items that are in stock, it can be shorter. For bulk wholesale orders, turnaround times vary; however drums are processed within 15-20 business days. Private label orders are processed immediately, and typical orders are received within 6-8 weeks.

Due to the nature of the products that we create and sell, we do short run (smaller batches) often, which helps preserve the efficacy of the raw ingredients within. We use non-harsh, toxin-free, and biodegradable preservatives in order to keep them as “fresh” as possible: which guarantees a “reasonable use” shelf life. Consequently, our extensive care in managing the integrity, and quality of our product slighty increases the turnaround time. We produce larger orders on request, and smaller batches mean greater quality control and freshness.