Production Request Form

    For Product Development Clients:

    1. To initiate product development, the PDR and starter info jacket must be completed and returned along with payment in the amount of $1,750.00. This fee includes up to three (3) prototype submissions per product. This deposit is non-refundable. If none of these submissions are accepted (and/or further product development is requested, additional hourly rates at $100/hr will apply).

    2. If the product desired is a "stock formula" item, with only minor adjustments to fragrance and/or color, a fee of $75-$125 is required.

    For Contract Manufacturing Clients:

    Clients providing a formula for their product are required to provide a master sample. A non-refundable deposit of $1,500.00 is due at the time of request. This fee covers any laboratory time required to prove the formula. If the client requires further development, the Custom Product Development fee ($1,750.00) is applicable, minus $500.00 of the initial deposit. Please note this is based on stock ingredients.

    Sample Payment

    All payments are due in full at the time that this form is submitted. Payments can be made by credit or debit card, PayPal, invoice or company checks.

    Formula Advice

    LifeOrganics prides itself on using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that are pure and effective. Regulatory statuses are continually changing which may have an effect on the ingredients. We will advise every customer if their product(s) requested for manufacture contain ingredients that are affected by FDA regulatory changes.

    **Note: Product samples may take up to six weeks or longer depending on our current projects intake, raw materials and their availability. Clients requiring special raw ingredients and/or fragrances that are not in our current inventory will solely be responsible for purchasing those raw materials and/or fragrances in order to make their project sample, unless requested otherwise by client.

    Product Profile

    Please fill out the following to initiate laboratory time:


    *Note: it is preferrable if samples or benchmarks are provided for color standards.



    Target Customers and/or Market


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