Whether you are looking to carry or develop a complete line, specialty promotional items, or add to existing products, our wholesale program can meet your needs.

What can you expect?

Wholesale Sizes

Our standard size for wholesale is the gallon. Bulk wholesale comes as pails and drums. 

See the numbers on the right to get an idea of the amount of product you would receive with each one.

Standard weight of our gallon. This is based on net weight not mass, so believe us when we say we're not cheating you.
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The weight of your pail of product. A pail is 5 gallons.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale

Are there minimum quantities for ordering your products?

We have some of the lowest minimums in the industry! For private label buyers, the minimum order is one case (32 units) of a particular product.

I already have bottles and labels. Can I purchase your product, and bottle it myself?

Yes! In this scenario, it is in your best interest to place a a standard “wholesale” order.  That way, you can receive large amounts of product at a reduced price, and simply bottle and resell them as you desire.

Can I customize bottle size, color, closures, etc.?

If you are a wholesale client that desires custom private label services, for an additional fee(s), bottle/jar sizes are fully customizable, as well as closures such as pumps, sprays, squirt, and flip/disc tops. Select bottles are also available in a variety of colors. Additional fees will apply for non-standard options. View our Bottling  & Packaging document for more information.

For more questions about products, services, or other items, visit our FAQs page.

Ready to place a wholesale order?

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